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Remembering the Happy Times and Uniting in the Sad.

At the end of our time, we live on in peoples memories.

By coming together at Funerals, Remembrance and Memorial Ceremonies, we have the amazing opportunity to share our memories with others.

This helps us build a more complete picture of the person we knew and lets us join together with those who shared our fond feelings for them.

A Personal & Bespoke Service

No Service will ever be the same as another.

I like to take the opportunity to sit down and discuss the sort of ceremony would best suit the person we're remembering.

For some, the idea of of telling a funny story or making a joke would feel wholly inappropriate. Whilst others would be heartbroken that the event wasn't a celebration of happy times. There is no right way to pay our respects, but there is definitely a wrong way in each families opinion.

I would never want to make that mistake.

To discuss anything, please feel free to get in touch.

Christopher Field

Independent Celebrant


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