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You had your Wedding Where?!?

If the Church Wedding isn't your thing and you don't want everyone turning up to the Registry Office, then this is the perfect solution.

As wonderful as my Ceremonies are, they aren't legally binding. Now at first glance this may seem like a problem.

In fact, the opposite is true. More often than you'd realise, people are starting to feel that the signing of the paper isn't the only big thing.

Its taking your vows with friends and family supporting and celebrating with you.

Have your Blessing Anywhere...

The wonderful thing about a Blessing is it's the Presentation of the Newlyweds and their Declaration in front of those they care for and who care for them.

This Declaration and Celebration can happen anywhere you want.

Park? Beach? Back Garden?

It's up to you and limited only by your imagination.

To chat over your options more fully, just get in touch

Christopher Field

Independent Celebrant

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